I’ve been looking for a good location for Filk music – my old Pegasus recordings just aren’t holding up as well as I’d like.  Well LazyCoder just distracted me with a tweet, and I had to go and find a link to one of my old favorites.

Stuck Here

I still haven’t managed to find a place that has Leslie Fish’s “Suprise” though.  Prometheus has the “Russian” version, but I still remember her singing it and enjoying it more. 

You can also find the lyrics to another 3 of the true classics (you can still find me humming “Three things never trust in…” every so often or “Don’t push that button”) over at Duane’s Filk page.

Redirecting RSS.XML if you’re using the EBE

As I mentioned earlier, I’ve been doing a lot of work on the infrastructure on my blog.  One of the items I did was upgrade from my old V1 Beta of the EBE to the new V2 relase of the template (shiny!)  One of the objectives of the upgrade was to start doing a bit of metrics on my blog.  SharePoint has some very good tracking built in for page views, but the RSS.XML file that the EBE provides doesn’t participate in that (for a couple of good reasons.)  So, I gave into some peer pressure and did a redirection of RSS.XML to FeedBurner.  So why the post?  Well there were some interesting steps that are required to actually pull this simple statement off. 

I started out creating a blank text document named (amazingly enough) rss.xml.  Using IIS, it was very easy to the take this file and provide the URL redirect to my new feed location.  This gave a nice permanent redirect and kept everyone in synch with the new feed.  The only problem with this was that it works great for readers, but the beta version of EBE didn’t provide a way to make a secondary location for the feed.  Or not one that would work anyway – you can go directly to the list RSS feed and it’s not a bad feed, but FeedBurner doesn’t like the fact that it’s an ASPX page that provides the feed instead of just a plain XML file. 

After scratching my head for a couple of hours (I’m stubborn) I finally decided that this was the reason I was looking for to upgrade to EBE 2.0.  Once I convinced myself of that step, the upgrade was super easy, especially considering I was NOT on a sane version of EBE.  It was a simple task to just pull down the release version from, extract the package and then run the upgrade batch file (which is VERY nice.)  The upgrade batch handles everything from installing the feature itself to scheduling the job for ensuring that the feature is on all servers (if you’ve got a multi-server configuration) and then kicking off the job if the scheduler looks like it’s going to take it’s time to execute.  And once this was done I had two additional options that made the rest of the update simple.  The first was to go to the EBE settings and putting in my custom feed URL – this takes care of updating the page RSS locations to my new location without doing a redirect bounce from the original RSS.XML (which is a nice thing to do.)  The second was to go into the Web.Config file and change the httphandler for custom RSS feeds to RSS2.XML which lets me leave the redirect in place, but provide a way for FeedBurner to get posts for itself. 

So that’s the long of it, my next step is going to be setting up a custom template to fix some of the items on the page and put my “cards” up on the site.  I had them on my original template, but that was one of the items that didn’t make it through the upgrade process (as expected.)

Where’s Phil this week?

Due to popular acclaim (Tim) over the week of our Dallas Launch event, I figured I’d drop a couple more schedule posts.  For short notice schedule changes, watch my twitter stream for last second updates.

Monday will be conference call day, but I’ll also be working on some more shows (I have a couple of ideas, plus I want to get some RoboChallenge show content up, it’s just that cool.)

Tuesday will be writing code – I’ve got my template work to do, some prep API tests for later on in the week, and some new demos I want to get in place for a couple of upcoming presentations.  Later that night, I’ll be downtown with the Agile Austin crowd and Geek Austin doing their social meet up.  I had to miss the last Geek Austin event because of SxSW activities, so it’ll be very good to get back to see everyone again.

Wednesday will be a road day as I’ll be doing conference calls on the way up 35 to Dallas.  I’ll be headed up there to take part again in the Sabre Hackday, a great exercise that they do to keep their developers some time to try out new technologies and generally take some time to prove out innovative new ideas that they might have to really affect the company.  Have to stock up on the Red Bulls, Yerba Mate, or maybe talk Caleb out of some Monster drinks.

Thurs will be finishing up Hack Day, present, and view hacks and then continue prep for our Software Plus Services event in Houston on the 22nd with David Chappell. 

Friday will be meetings, it’s fairly rare for me to have a couple of hours in Dallas, so I’m hoping to be able to meet some people I’ve been missing the last several packed trips up there.

Saturday will be Houston Techfest – there are a lot of great presenters scheduled and I may even turn out to be one of them.  Then the drive back down to Austin to start prep for ArcReady in Austin the next week.