Austin and Houston ArcReadys

Sorry, Austin – I forgot to put up the post I promised in case you wanted to send additional discussion points or feedback.  The Houston group reminded me that I needed to do it, and I’ll point the Dallas group here as well. 

As an additional item, I got asked about the URL’s to Simon Guest’s UI decision app and the ProtoXAML project – the links for them respectively are:


SharePoint Training

I’ve been slacking on my SharePoint posts.  Midi (the organizer for our Sleepless in Dallas development event) sent me the information on a new series of webcasts.  There are some really good topics in there!


Introduction to SharePoint for .NET Developers: Data Lists

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Introduction to SharePoint for .NET Developers: Web Parts

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Introduction to SharePoint for .NET Developers: Silverlight and SharePoint

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Introduction to SharePoint for .NET Developers: Using Event Handlers

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Introduction to SharePoint for .NET Developers: Page Branding

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Introduction to SharePoint for .NET Developers: Workflows

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Introduction to SharePoint for .NET Developers: Web Services

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Introduction to SharePoint for .NET Developers: Page Navigation

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Introduction to SharePoint for .NET Developers: User Management

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Introduction to SharePoint for .NET Developers: Custom Content Types

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Robotics Studio

For Show #7, I wanted to talk just a bit about Robotics Studio.  I’ve been doing a number of talks around it, but I wanted to let those who haven’t been able to make it to the launches, TechFests, CodeCamps and other events hear just a bit about it.

Show #8 will be a continuation about some of the deeper pieces of Robotics Studio that can help you even if you don’t have motors and blinking lights in your solution.


Tess was watching some old shows of Xena, and I walked by.  What’s that got to do with the post?  I could have sworn I heard Morgan Sheppard’s voice on the show, though a quick check on IMDB informed me I’m wrong. 

That got me to thinking.  I’ve been a bit annoyed at a lot of the media outlets and communities making assumptions on what shared context I have with the rest of the world. I’m not someone that cares what Paris, Brittany, Brad, or whatever personality you can name is doing.  The people I list as celebrities are very different.  I’m fascinated by what Paul Darrow, Morgan Sheppard, Tim Hunkin, Ron Gilbert, Richard Hatch, Mike Sinz, Anders Hejlsberg, and lots of other people that most of the mainstream media doesn’t remember that well  are doing.

Sorry, just a random post – maybe there’s some value here noting that the obsession with “Hit stars” doesn’t just end with the record or movie industry.  It happens everywhere, but it’s not a very accurate picture of what most of the people you’re trying to communicate are interested in.  It’s just a least common denominator. 

(Disclaimer – this post has been written by someone that has never seen an episode of “American Idol”, “Lost”, or “The Office” but can tell you the name of the bomb that Slim Pickins rode down on, and how the phrase “Reverse the polarity of the neutron pulse” came about.  Take it with whatever spice you feel appropriate.  There’s a reason it’s in the “Life in General” category.)

This one’s to remind me about the Cons

I just saw that Steve Jackson Games (I remember meeting him for the first time in Meridian MS – Car Wars and LARPs were king back then) is keeping track of cons.  I used to keep track of some of the major ones through my Analog subscription but due to the Pinball Effect I rarely get to the con listings of a particular issue in time to be useful. 

SJGames Con listings –