Austin Innovation Camp this weekend!

I’ll definitely be there – and I’m probably bringing the robot kit.  You can find information about where and when at – don’t forget to vote for or create a session!  There are four tracks, and right now it looks like you have a choice, but that can’t last for long.  I’m going to hold out just a bit because I do so many presentations, but if you haven’t called a session before Thurday, I’ll show no mercy!

See you there!

Are you intelligent?

Just checking – yesterday was Alan Turing’s birthday!  I missed it with all the other stuff going on, but it’s a cool thing to think about. I spent a lot of years considering Turing tests and such, so it’s interesting to see the day come by.  Now I have to watch out for Vannevar Bush, John von Neumann, and Grace Hopper’s birthday (I remember when she passed away – I still try to carry around NanoSeconds.  You may have heard me talk about them.)  We really do stand on the shoulders of giants.

Found it!

When I was back in undegrad in Aeronautical Engineering, one of the professors at my campus had a great little car.  I finally found it (I think) at the Tiny-Cars post on!


This was the coolest thing ever, as it was as long as a regular car was wide, so parking was super easy – parallel parking was non-existant.  You just drove it up to the curb.  It was protected from the elements, and you had a nice, easy entry and exit.  For today’s green tech push – why not release an update version of this?