Fallout 3

OK, the trailer has me completely pumped.  As I say with SharePoint – I’ve followed Fallout since before it was Fallout – I still have the Wasteland book/copy protect up in the attic somewhere.  The combination of tongue in cheek humor and E.E. “Doc” Smith sense of Epic (you can hear the capital “E”) storytelling makes an unbeatable combination. And from the trailer – it looks like the “bloody mess” attribute is still there.

Fallout 3 should end up having a run for the money for being “Game of the Year” for 2008.”  I’d put it as a sure thing (no slam to Mr. Cusack) but Spore is also coming out this year, so competition is VERY tight for this year.  Oh, and that Metal Gear game had another release this year – I need to see about playing that one day.  Once they release it on the 360 platform of course.

Maker Faire at DFW this Saturday (July 19th)

In prep for the Austin Maker Faire townhall on Sunday, there will be an afternoon with Maker Faire up in DFW on Saturday.  It’s a great way to drop by and see why you need to come to the full Maker Faire in October without a glorious road trip to Austin!   You can find the details at http://blog.makezine.com/archive/2008/07/an_afternoon_at_maker_fai_2.html?CMP=OTC-0D6B48984890

Also check out the main page for the Maker Faire – call for participants for October is up.  www.makerfaire.com

Just saw that Trossen Robotics is having a sale

If you’ve seen my robotics sessions and were interested in doing it yourself, Trossen Robotics (the guys that were/are handling Phidgets in the US) are having a sale – looks like you can get a really good deal on a MindStorms NXT kit, plus a bunch of other “humanoid” robots. 

And if you decided to go the NXT route, check down on their main page a bit.  It seems they now handle Mindsensors – a 3rd party collection of sensors and controllers compatible with the NXT.  Some of them look pretty interesting and they seem quite reasonable compared to other add on’s I’ve seen.

Multitouch coming to Dell Tablets tomorrow!

I just saw in the Austin TechMonday today that Dell is expecting to release a download tomorrow to enable multitouch on Lattitude XT Tablet computers.  It turns out that it’s been built into the systems for a while, by way of N-trig screens, but it seems the software needed a bit more tweaking.  Fortunately that tweaking looks to be done and the software ready to release.

For those of you who love the idea of an iPhone, but need a bigger screen, more processing power, or just a more open platform for running your applications with a great user experience, it might just be time to pick up a Tablet PC!  All the finger exercising that you’ve seen in the phone space, now is available with a laptop as well.

For more information, Gizmodo has a good write up as well.