Fiber to the Home Webinar today

Today at 1pm Central, Dave Smith – one of the visionary CEO’s in Austin – is holding a Webinar on what Fiber to the Home will mean.  This pushing out of the bandwidth we’ve seen in the core of our networks to consumers everywhere will have a profound effect, on businesses, social groups, and individual behavior.  If you have a chance, connect in (there’s that bandwidth thing) and hear what Dave has been seeing occurring as this inexpensive and accessible high bandwidth starts making it into our every day lives. 

The Webinar info can be found at

Silverlight Blueprint for SharePoint

You may have already seen the Silverlight Blueprints for SharePoint but you may not have seen that you can now find the project on CodePlex, and that there is a new update which includes information on Silverlight 2 Beta 2 as well as well as some great samples such as custom navigation, slider controls, media player information,and such.  You can find the project (and contribute to it as well if you like) at


On 1st August 2008 a link on the official Red Dwarf website strongly hinted at ‘new Red Dwarf’ – and stated that Robert Llewelyn would reveal all in an interview with Seattle based radio station KCTS9 on 24th August 2008.

I see the interview scheduled – hopefully there will actually be something to it!  It is the Anniversary after all.  And if someone in Seattle has a chance to ask – I know it’s not Red Dwarf, but see of he has any information about possibly resurrecting the “Scrapheap Challenge” show (not the US version, but the original, root show.)

Prototyping getting into the media now as well.

Discovery Channel is extending their range of shows focused around making and breaking things with an upcoming show “Prototype This!”  Looks to be coming up on October 15th (just in time for Maker Faire) and I’m definitely going to queue it on the PVR.  My only disappointment is that they toned down the T-Shirt slogan. :-)

You can find the info on the show at