SharePoint and Team System

One of things I get asked a lot about is how to do Life Cycle management with SharePoint Development – mainly because SharePoint makes it so easy to forget about the line between content and code.

So what do you do when you’re working on your custom feature or solution?  Take a look at the post – – that Vesa Juvonen has up.  He’s got some great information on doing continuous integration with your SharePoint code – it just might be exactly what you need.

Startup Weekend locations being considered.

For everyone that asked me in June “Why didn’t we have a startup weekend in <city name here>?”, well here’s your chance to make sure you get one close to you!  Startup Weekend is looking for votes on which cities the coaches should be heading to over this coming year.  You can go to and put in your vote (note there is an option for virtual as well.)  Dig in, get your colleges to join up, and I have no doubt that we’ll be starting companies all over the map (as if we weren’t already.)  I’ve already got my votes in, jump in and show where you’d like to see it happen!

Maker Faire is here!

After a day of unpacking and packing the booth – Maker Faire is just 12 hours away, but it feels like we already are in full swing. I’ve already heard the Mousetrap song, got to see the hothouse of robo pummeling going up, heard the ring of fire being tuned up and seen the solar panels looming right next to the speaker towers.  Gonna try to get a little sleep and then head back down to finish up the our own robo ring and make sure all the machines are set up to let everyone try their hands at robotics and embedded programming.

Super packed days

Sorry, I’ve been a bit slow in blogging – things have been going at a really breakneck pace.  Just got finished talking about our Surface table today (which you can see at Innotech Austin tomorrow) and will be talking there tomorrow on RIA and how this particular client model is influencing software.  Then it’s off to Austin Maker Faire!!!!   We’ve been working on this for a while – and it’s all coming together (if it’ll JUST stop raining – no I didn’t say that.)  We’ll be over by the Mousetrap – come by and try your hand (or hands) at building embedded systems or running around a robot.  I’ll be acting as one of the robot jockeys over the weekend, but you’ll get to meet the whole team as we’ll have everyone around the event.  Plus, we’ll have some Lego NXT bots that you’ll have a chance to win and take home to continue your robotic adventures. 

Oh, and did I mention the donuts?  Come by and try donuts made by C# code – process control doesn’t have to be documents or trouble tickets!