SharePoint Guidance

OK, I’ve blogged about the SharePoint Guidance pack a while ago, but there’s a new version out last month.  Take a look over at (SharePoint Guidance) and get some of the details from the product group and P&P guys on how to implement and extend SharePoint as part of your infrastructure, development environment, and platform.

You’ll find information on:

– Architectural decisions about patterns, feature factoring, and packaging.

– Design tradeoffs for common decisions many developers encounter.  (Remember, with architecture there are no single right answers – know what you’re trading off when you make that decision!)

– Implementation examples demonstrated in the RI and in the QuickStarts.

How to design for testability, create unit tests, and run continuous integration.

Set up of development, build, test, staging, and production environments.

– Managing the application life cycle including upgrade. (But you’re already using Features, right?  See what else you can do to help out here.)

– Team-based intranet application development.

But be aware that this release isn’t focusing on:

– Content-oriented sites that use Web content management.  (See some of my other posts for these)

– Internet and enterprise-scale SharePoint applications.  (Again, we’ve covered this before.)

– Multilingual SharePoint applications.  (If you’ll leave me good links for this, I’ll be glad to post!  Being only English speaking (or these days, Texan speaking….) I’m not the best qualified to speak on this particular topic.  (Pun intended.)

– Scale or security testing of SharePoint applications.  (To be covered in a later post if I have a chance – this is VERY process/organization driven.)

Wired Covers Professional Rapid Prototyping

Catching up on my feeds – you’ve seen me typing and talking about one of the interfaces where bits and atoms meet up, that being rapid prototyping.  Most of the time I’m talking about some of the “Grass Roots” efforts such as Fab@Home, but Wired Magazine covered the other side of it, the professional, super high quality prototype machines that are being used every day to do things like build dental implants (San Antonio) or other highly customized objects.  You can see their podcast at and see some of the really cool items they created such as a single assembly point drive chain by creating it already put together.  (I’ve seen them created with no assembly points by just fabbing the chain on it’s side.) 

Grr, I REALLY am impatient for the TechShop to open here in Austin!

Green in the new year.

Infoworld has a interview with a number of technology personalities on how Sustainability is going to be affected by the economic situation in the upcoming year.  It’s interesting to note the diversity of opinions as to what the key factors are, but I do like the point that our Lewis Curtis points out – we Devs have to get involved.  There’s a lot that can be done inside our algorithms to help make things more efficient, but so often we don’t budget the time or attention to reviewing those factors.

You can read the full report at

SharePoint Tools for VS2010 Demoed

Paul Andrew has a nice write up on the TechEd EMEA Keynote that Jason Zander did.  One of the OUTSTANDING things that was shown is the SharePoint Tools component coming to Visual Studio.  You can find his post at, and a post on the SharePoint Team blog about the upcoming SPDisposeCheck tool at

What does this mean?  A much better development story for using SharePoint as a platform, that’s all!  I’m really happy to see this much effort being done to raising the level of SharePoint integration into the common dev tools – it’s VERY welcome.

Application Architecture Guidance Book 2.0

I’d meant to get this out a while ago, but things have been packed solidly for a while.  There’s a new version of the Application Architecture Guidance out now – you can find the information at  Don’t expect it to create your Architecture for you, but there’s a LOT of great experience and observations in there to help you find your way through all the “It Depends” answers you are likely to get (and give) while figuring out the Architectures that are appropriate for your system. 

You’ll also find the KB at and be able to check with J.D. Meier at his blog over at to see what’s ongoing now that 2.0 has been launched.

OK, I am old

 remember when games like  

( were really neat!

I don’t see my old trusty VIC-20 there, but I think that’s because these are from Sears, and if my hazing memories from the stone age are correct, K-Mart (and later on, Service Merchandise) was where you’d find Commodores in those days.  Then COMPUTER Stores came along!

We’ve come a LONG, LONG way in our systems – sometimes it’s worth it to consider where we are and where we were just 25 years ago.

Update on those changes

My blog has moved!  The main URL’s should all be the same (and I’ve added some newer, easier to remember ones) but permalinks and historical URL’s will have changed.  I’ll be moving over some of the historical posts, but probably not all – a lot of them aren’t really relevant any more.  If something you actually refer to or link to has gone missing, just contact me or leave a comment on this post and I’ll make sure it gets re-added.