Updated Samples for Professional Microsoft Robotics Developer Studio

With MRDS marching forward so quickly it’s been hard to keep example software up to date.  I was very happy to loop back around and check the web site of my favorite MRDS book and saw that the example code has now been updated for the 2008 release.  You can find the updates at http://www.promrds.com/ if you’ve got this invaluable book and want to get the projects in the book up and running with the 2008 release easily.

OK, I missed it again this year

Procrastination does fill up your calendar I’ve found and I didn’t block off this weekend aggressively enough, so I won’t be able to attend BIL this weekend, but the BIL plane from Austin is heading that way so I thought I’d point out that there will be a lot of online coverage of the event.  I’m lucky enough to have local folks who are BIL coordinators AND people who are involved with TED, so it’s probably good I can’t get out there – I’d be stressed out trying to stay connected with both events!

Anyway – the BIL web site is at http://bilconference.com/conferences/ – and you’ll see a lot of information about what’s going on this weekend being updated at a rapid pace.

I2C to USB Adapter

This one’s as much for me as for the regular post.

One of the coolest thing about embedded development today is that there are so many parallels to the original PC development space.  For instance the I2C bus is actually filling the old S-100 bus space, but unfortunately you really had to dive full scale into it to utilize this capability.  Or you did – there’s a new (to me) adapter to allow you to connect I2C devices to a USB bus for prototyping and testing.  http://www.acroname.com/robotics/parts/R286-USB-I2C.html  Way cool – there’s some really nice devices that come as I2C so Now those are a lot easier to work with!