I feel like Stanley S. (I can’t spell) on UHF screaming “Free toy inside! Free toy inside!” but Rob Vettor passed on the info and I had to post it.  If you’re interested in MVC and doing ASP.Net, you can find a great end-to-end tutorial on using it included in the new Wrox book on the subject.  It’s the Gu man, so there’s not much else I can say but point you to his blog and let you hear what he has to say. 



Phil response time slow, but it gets there.

Matt has been on me to get pictures of some of my old SharePoint SWAG up, and I finally took the time to do it.  You can find the pictures below or on my Facebook photo album.  These are a set of toy cars that were part of the TechEd 2003 event in Dallas – all of the Office people were issued racing shirts of different colors depending on which part of Office they were in.  I still remember Mike’s joy at his. :-)  Anyway, it was nice to find them and remember how far we’ve come with SharePoint – that 2001 to 2003 leap was a pretty BIG one.


Office 2003 cars 022

Office 2003 cars 015

Office 2003 cars 017

Office 2003 cars 011

Office 2003 cars 013

I have always loved the Vision videos.

You might have figured that out about me, I’ve been a fan since even before the original .Net launch vision videos.  Well, Office Labs dropped out another one of them last week – you can see the envisioning video here or the full series here.  There’s a lot in there. 

The only thing I missed was wearable computing – the flexible displays and Augmented Reality messages are the first thing that jumps out, but after you look at it for a while, you start seeing that pervasive P2P in the data sharing, the pervasive connectivity, the seamless and solid Identity management and access control.  The scary part to me is how close we are to having this level of infrastructure in at least islands today (even the flexible displays and smart environments exist in at least a primitive form now) but how much work we have to making this level of different systems from different vendors work so seamlessly for the end user.  But it WILL happen – we just have a lot of work to do to get there.

If you liked the videos, you can also find the slides that Stephen Elop used to talk to these points at the Wharton Business Tech Conference keynote week or watch his full presentation here.

Startups everywhere

I had a nice little blog post I was working up about StartupCamp Austin this past weekend (I still want to work up some more there- it was a great camp) but it seems like I’m getting swamped by Startup activities these days. 

Saturday was a great event with plenty of briefings, pitches, and super conversations going on.  This is the second time I’ve done StartupCamp Austin and each one is always a delight – the mix of ideas and execution and vision.  And I really did enjoy the fact that we explicitly called out that EVERYONE can do a startup – veterans and interns alike.StartupCamp Austin 003


One of the great presentations that was done was around the Capital Factory – a project to not just to mentor startups, but to execute on a 10 week program to kickstart startups with a bit of seed funding as well.  Check the site for the full details (note that I did see the BizSpark logo in the presentation!)

Coming up on Thursday we’ll be talking about startups and the sustainability market at the Green Technology Alliance event.  I’ll be talking a bit more about the BizSpark program and areas I’ve seen that makes Austin a great crossroads between sustainability and entrepreneurship.

I’ll spend the next week getting swamped by both .Net Dojo, ArcReady and trying to make the amazing number of startup sessions at SxSW Interactive, but on Monday the 16th the big startup event happens with the Accelerator event .

Oh, and if you’re not around Austin but still wanting to stay plugged in – CNet has some coverage of Demo 09 today as well – http://news.cnet.com/8301-1023_3-10173971-93.html

Pause – gasp.  I keep hearing on the news that everything’s slowing down, but I look around at our communities and the activity and energy really seems to be headed UP not down!