New Location

You may notice something new as check your feed or visit my blog.  I’ve been doing some renovation and changes to get ready for the new year.  It seems about this time every year I look at the site and really want to do something new with it.  New version of the software, new type of operations, it’s always something.

Well this year, I’ve decided to really push things.  I’m going to continue learning about SEO and what that means from a content and development side.  But not just that, I’m running in a hosted environment now as well – I’ve worked for a very long time with a server of my own (physical or virtual) and I really thought I’d like to learn about the environment that most users and developers work in. 

This site is the result of the intersection of both of those pushes.  And as a side effect, I’ll get to learn a good bit about PHP under IIS 7 as well, and how this world compares to my more familiar world of SharePoint and capabilities that I’ve been using so long. 

It’s a grand experiment, you’ll probably see me break some things, do some flubs, trip up on some items, but I’m going into this with the same attitude that I generally do with cooking.  If you already know how it’s going to turn out, then what’s the use of doing it?