IASA Austin Openspace, June 17-19

Got the word from Brandon Satrom that IASA Austin is having an OpenSpace event June 17-19.  All you going to TechEd will be back in time, and Doc List will be organizing.  Set your calendars and alarm clocks and don’t be shy about signing up, from my experiences during the last event here in Austin, it’s going to be a great chance to learn and network! 


Micro Framework 4.1 Beta, now with Open Source contributions

If you’ve been following the path of the Microsoft Micro Framework (and maybe talked with us at the ‘08 Austin Maker Faire) then you know that things have moved forward and open sourced a LOT.  Well, today we just announced that the beta for .Net Micro Framework 4.1 has opened up on http://connect.microsoft.com.  Take a look!  Some very cutting edge stuff going on there!

OData with Doug Purdy

Just a heads up on some good content – tomorrow (Friday, May 7th) Doug Purdy is going to be presenting on OData in our Architect Innovation Cafe, 2-3pm central.  If you haven’t had a chance to take a look at OData or just want to hear more about it and make sure you’ve got the latest info, this would be a great chance. 


You can register for the webcast at http://bit.ly/OData_Guide