Generation Gap

OK, been quiet for just TOO long.  Wanted to post a quick observation to break the silence.  I’m an old Geek.  (If you’ve met me you know I can’t lie about that.)  But I do try to keep up with ideas (and hopefully get ahead of a few.)  But something’s been bothering me and it’s a very SOCIAL not Technical thing.

I’m still used to having my username assigned. 

Gen Today is used to generating their own username.


If you’re a corporation – you’re used to on-boarding people (Spellchecker wanted the hyphen, I’ve never seen it in real life) and part of that process is generating a user ID that more than likely permeates through the organization.  Sometimes two or three or a dozen.  You expect people to have this as their primary, most of their waking life identity.  Their identity is key to their day job, and anything they do outside of that MUST be separate.

If you’re an independent you expect to have control over your ID and anything that may be pre-generated becomes a task and something that you’re just going to have to deal with, but like waste disposal, do it as quickly and efficiently as you can to get back to the real stuff.  If you don’t have this – unfortunately you don’t really succeed as an independent, you end up on someone’s staff.

If you’re of my generation – your “True Name” may be  something supplemented an alias you don’t hang your hat on in public.  It’s your RPG/Shadow/Ghost name.  “Mr Slippery” isn’t a name for someone that has an office address.  Something you say what you think with (hopefully) little hope of reprisal.  If you don’t have one then traditionally you may have been a “Lurker.”  Someone that hears much, says little and stays in the wings of the theater. 

But that’s changing.  More startup companies and business are identifying either both online and offline as the same thing, or identifying with their online identity first.  You can pick your friends, but you can’t pick your given name, so to some extent that’s not as surprising as it might be. 

I find this VERY interesting.