LIDNUG Kinect for Windows Development.

Just a quick post to have a spot for any additional questions from today’s LIDNUG presentation.  We had a lot of great Q&A, but I wanted to make sure we had a spot for anything that we couldn’t get to or that popped up after we wrapped up.

I’ll update here when the slides are up on Slideshare.

Recording is up at and slides are up at

One thought on “LIDNUG Kinect for Windows Development.”

  1. Thank you! That was a wonderful and inspiring presentation! Also, really appreciated the examples and tips so that we can actually get off the ground with development…I think I was stuck at a similar point…Kinect myKinect = new Kinect();…then what? Saw both the board of awesomeness, board of imagination, and the smarter cart, all very very inspiring and cool! Thanks again! Nothing as amazing as what you do, but we’re planning on using some of this technology to inspire kids at our learning center for K-12.

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