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Items that relate to my series on developing with connected and embedded systems.

Arduino Yun and Serial.println()

Just a note as this was almost IMPOSSIBLE to find information on. Hopefully it’ll help someone else.

Converting a small program from Arduino Uno to Arduino Yun, one of the functions is using a Serial connection. Works great on the Uno, will work with the Aruduino IDE Serial Monitor no problems. But won’t send data with X-CTU or Parallax Serial and my C# program can send data, but never receives data.

Fun. Well it turns out that Yun (and evidently Leonardo) requires you to use DtrEnable – otherwise you get undefined functionality.

Set DTREnable = true and everything works great!

“Just slip out the back, Jack. Make a new plan, Stan”

I’ve gotten a number of questions through the blog about BizSpark and various other Microsoft programs.  I’ve updated my info but haven’t called out explicitly until now – I’m unable to help with Microsoft programs these days as I’m no longer with Microsoft.  As a Startup Evangelist, my challenge was always to balance my enthusiasm with startup ideas with my loyalty to Microsoft.  As often happens, I found an idea that couldn’t be denied.  I moved from Microsoft in December of 2011 to manage the Labs group at Chaotic Moon (a startup here in Austin that has been rocking the mobile world for the last two years.)  If you’ve seen what we’ve done in the last 90 days (Board of Awesomeness, Board of Imagination, and the Smarter Cart ) you’ll see why I had to make the move. 

If you have any BizSpark questions, go ahead and shoot them my way – I’ll be glad to try to help you connect to the right people in Microsoft, but I can’t guarantee that I’ll be able to respond as quickly as when I was an employee or get you to the specific person you need to talk to these days. 

Micro Framework 4.1 Beta, now with Open Source contributions

If you’ve been following the path of the Microsoft Micro Framework (and maybe talked with us at the ‘08 Austin Maker Faire) then you know that things have moved forward and open sourced a LOT.  Well, today we just announced that the beta for .Net Micro Framework 4.1 has opened up on  Take a look!  Some very cutting edge stuff going on there!

The revolution will be printed

This past week, for me the big news in consumer electronics wasn’t what you probably thought.  The big names all were all talking mobility of one fashion or another, but one of the companies that can make a claim to bringing printers into the home is now applying that same talent to 3d Printers.  Yep, that’s right HP is now working with Stratasys to bring 3d printing to a much wider array of people.  This has huge potential for localsourcing manufacturing and changing how economics work in quite a number of markets.